Sunday, 1 November 2009

Back Soon!

Just a quick update if anyone is out there :) The reason for lack of activity here has been due to a few real problems preventing me getting in-game, Once I can find the time and get active in Conan again I will be updating this blog as usual. Thanks if you have been checking out my blog.

Friday, 28 August 2009

Conquerors Rejoice

The latest patch notes have just hit the Test live servers (update and have included alot of changes for the conqueror class. Here's a snippet from the notes over viewing what they want to do with the class:
The Conqueror buff system of Auras, Battle Cries, Formations, Orders and Commands has been streamlined and improved. Players now have 6 team abilities divided into two types of buffs: Disciplines and Formations. Players have 3 Disciplines and 3 Formations to choose from, and may have 1 discipline and 1 formation active at any time. During the course of a battle, a conqueror has the choice of either temporarily replacing his active formation with an aoe/team-effect banner, or replacing his active discipline with a more powerful solo buff. These actions may be achieved through new abilities granted to all Conquerors called "Plant Banner" and "Grant Technique." After the temporary effect has expired, the original buff which was replaced is reapplied.

Check out the full notes here: Link

A little side note im very happy about is this:
Fixed a bug where players could hit through Shield of the Risen, forcing your procs to hit back and the Shield to be despawned.
This bug was such a pain when involved in PVP and it was extensively abused by some players. But thats all for now, I will have more stuff coming soon and of course any news about the expansion or this latest patch.

Friday, 21 August 2009

Gameplay and Media Round-Up

Here is all the latest videos and information I could dig up on this new expansion.

5 minute Gameplay video (French): Link
1 Minute Game Video: Link
IGN Q&A: Link
IGN Preview: Link
Official Website: Link
Official Discussion: Link
Dynamic Lighting Engine Upgrade: Link
ZAM Q&A: Link
Update- Gamona Video Interview: Link
- Silirrion presentation : Part 1/2 :Link Part 2/2 : Link
( Big thanks to the comments below for this)
Update - MMORPG Short Interview: Link

I will add more as it becomes available.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Rise of the Godslayer!

Some major information has just hit about the next step for Age of Conan, and its "Rise of the Godslayer" this new expansion will be set in predicted land of Khitai (ancient China) and promises to be a great addition to the game world.
Firstly kudos to Funcom for listening to their community and not raising the level cap, while this may seem like a negative aspect of the expansion its actually a blessing and has pleased many players . You might ask why is it a blessing? well there are multiple reasons why level cap increases upset players such as: all current raid items would become worthless and after players spent hundreds of hours farming them and level 80 content is already pretty thin and expanding the level cap would only worsen the problem.

So what has been added with Rise of the Godslayer? Well alot!
Here's a quick overview:
  1. - No level cap increase or new classes.
  2. - New character progression systems
    The alternate advancement system will basically allow players to use their experience towards special alternate advancement feats and combos. This will open up a lot of new potential abilities for players. In addition the players will also be able to 'train' these feats to a second level over time to perfect them. This will allow players to choose which of their new feats or abilities to focus on and decide which order they build them up in. This training will continue whether you are online or offline, and will take a certain amount of time to complete (depending on the power of the feat), so it is a tactical choice for the player as to which order they do this training.
  3. - New Music.
    Yes, we have retained the services of the fantastic composer of the games original soundtrack, Knut Avenstrup Haugen
  4. - New continent based on Ancient China "Khitai".
  5. - Largest zones ever within AOC, less zoning and more to explore.
    This means that players will be able to see the areas that surround them, and zone across border lines - much like we did recently in Tarantia Commons but on a much larger scale.
  6. - Total of five new regions for both levels 20-40 and 80. (more information below, taken from
Craig Morrison: The expansion will feature a whole new land for players to explore, the Empire of Khitai.

Khitai is split into five large gameplay regions and players will be able to travel there from one or more of the major hubs in the game.

Gateway to Khitai: The first glimpse that players will get of Khitai is actually from the western side of the Great Wall. The aptly named Gateway to Khitai contains rolling steppes that climb up to the foothills of the Mountains of Night.

The Northern Grasslands: On the eastern side of the Great Wall, the Northern Grasslands stretch as far as the eye can see. Beneath the shadow of the Kang Pagoda lies the village of Chow and further east, the frontier city of Pin Pin awaits. South of Pin Pin, the grasslands are swallowed by impenetrable jungle, while to the north the road winds across the River of Yellow Curses and into the desert of Kara Korum. East the grassland stops abruptly at the Khitan Escarpment. From the edge of the escarpment, you can see clear across the beautiful lands of Chosain Province.

Chosain Province: Once a stretch of idyllic countryside, Chosain Province is now torn by battle. The northern city of Gun Hai and the southern city of Gun Xui are at war, and the once peaceful city of Shaulun has become a staging ground for mercenaries from across the world. The northern marshes, which bound the southern side of the River of Yellow Curses, are populated by monstrous creatures, no doubt crawling across the river from Kara Korum.

Kara Korum: The desert of black sand, Kara Korum, is eerily silent in comparison with the southern countryside. Nothing moves in the streets of the village known as Ghost Hill and a gentle breeze carries forth the stench of decay from the forest to the south. Northwards, in the center of Kara Korum, the high walls of The Crater dominate the landscape and the sense of the alien that pervades the landscape seems to stem from that place.

Paikang: South again, and on the eastern side of Chosain Province gives way to vine-choked jungles of Paikang. To the north, through Souleater Pass lies Heavens Lake and to the east is Shatterspar Coastline, dotted with the wreckage of a hundred ships. But south is the imperial city itself, Paikang, its purple towered minarets gleaming in the sunlight.

Each playfield region comes with it own set of dungeons and instances leading up to the final raid dungeons that will be found in Paikang.

7. - Khitan Race (Asian style character, will go to own home city and new Gateway to Khitai zone after tortage)
8. - New Mounts ( Tiger and wolf, not purchased but raised from a cub in a quest line *seen below - yes epic!*)
9. - Factions and faction based regions.
- Join various factions.
- Special titles and rewards for each faction.
- Faction specific armors.
- Quests and game play changing choices.
10. - New dungeons and raid encounters. (such as Pillars of Heaven)

Funcom looks set to really push the boundaries of Age of Conan with Rise of the Godslayer and are expanding the game in many ways. Its looking excellent so far and this could be the kick start the game has been needing.
I'm looking forward to more information coming from Games-con over the next few days, so stay tuned and why not jump into the discussion on the official forums and share your thoughts (or in the comments below): Official discussion

Quick Update: This offical website has just been launched why not check it out here:

Monday, 17 August 2009

Dude, wheres my Game Director?

If you have just returned to Age of Conan, you in for quite a shock the former Game Director Gaute Godager (seen above) resigned (well maybe not that shocked, this is quite old news!) after 16 years at Funcom due to the poor performance of Age of Conan post launch. But if your interested about this story check out the official page.
Funcom then appointed Craig Morrison (Sillirrion) who has so far been a great addition to the game and in my opinion really taking the game in the right direction, he has overseen a few major updates now and despite some controversy they have been accepted very well. A great Game Director is always very much involved with the community and Craig certainly is, if you want to keep up to date with him check out some of his own personal web spaces (listed here):

Craigs Twitter
Craigs Blog

You can always see Craig on the official forums, answering questions or in his monthly letter to the community (check it out here). I know most of the veterans already know this information but this is for the new people to Age of Conan, or returning players who might be out of the loop! Craig also seems open to answering questions via his twitter so don't hesitate to give him a message!

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Update 1.05.5 Test Live (updated)

Check out the latest test live patch notes here: Click
Some minor fixes in this latest version, resource collectors will be happy too see this little change:
Poitain, Lacheish Plains, Purple Lotus Swamp: When in these areas, you may choose to move to a different, specific instance by clicking the orange triangle in the upper right, near the minimap.

Monday, 10 August 2009

Dev Update: Class Changes (1.05.4)

A new post from the AOC devs regarding the 1.05.4 patch, check it out here: Click!

Designer Dave Williams explains the direction behind the changes with classes Bear Shaman and the Barbarian.

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